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125 years Carl Zeiss Foundation: Journey with Light - Part 1/2

Jena-based physicist Ernst Abbe was way ahead of time, as evidenced by his foundation and company constitution. At the end of the 19th century, the 8-hour working day and company pension were foreign concepts to many entrepreneurs.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation was established on 19 May 1889 in honor of the deceased Carl Zeiss. Abbe had founded a glass works together with Zeiss and Otto Schott in 1884.

To Abbe, scientific progress, qualified employees and responsible corporate governance were the foundations of economic success. He gradually developed his corporate philosophy on this basis.

In order to safeguard the existence of both companies and to protect them from personal ownership interests, Ernst Abbe, Zeiss heir Roderich Zeiss and – some years later – Otto Schott transferred all their shares in the business to the Foundation. Thus, sole ownership of both companies was assigned to the Foundation.

For more information on the Carl Zeiss Foundation, please go to:
Bob Charley : You straight up took from the Zeiss website verbatim

Cold War Colour King! Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm f1.8 - First Impressions

A review, test and discussion, with sample images, of an iconic East German lens, with some surprising results!

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Adrian Dobre : I got the electric version, and compared with the zeiss 55 f1.8, in that store i noticed that if you are ok with manual focus, you don't actually need the 55, the caracter is almost the same, sharpness is a bit behind but that can be flattering if the skin is not perfect as it actually never is.
One difference is when you stop down, the 55 keeps the round shape of the bokeh but the pancolar makes up for the minimum focus point which is very handy.
I personally found the 55 minimum focus point very limiting, i guess i made the good choice of sticking with my pancolar , i can also service it whenever i want because is simple, mechanical and i am an engineer so i love to service my car, my motorbike and now my lens :D
Gupta General Stores : Did you hire God to do the voiceover?
Marco Ma : pancolar is my best friend, and its best friend is a screw driver.
Sven L : Nice review - one of my favourite lenses, besides my Carl Zeiss Ultron 50mm
Heroa Official : Love your channel! But I'm very hesitant after hearing your comments regarding the lower build quality and need for maintenance. I've heard the same from others. I'm looking at investing in one set and cinemodding them. I want something that not only has great optics but also a great build. Do you have any other recommendations? Cheers!

Dinamo Tbilisi - Carl Zeiss. CWC-1980/81. Final

Caveman : No one was taking the ball of the guy at the end who done a runner with it! Hilarious!
Джоник Худиев : Смотрю в 2020 году . Это был первый матч международного уровня в моей жизни тогда ещё 11-ти летнего болельщика начинающего . К футболу приобщил меня отец . Мы вместе смотрели тот финал поздним вечером из Дюссельдорфа . Сейчас мне 50 , а отца уже нет.... Быстро как летит время...
Амир Оганов : Гуцаев осетин, Дараселия абхаз. Какую страну и какой футбол патеряли.
Bedirhan Kula : МОЛОДЦЫ ...
Lela Gozalishvili : უღრმესი მადლობა უდიდესი პროფესიონალების საყვარელ გუნდს, ამ წუთებისა და კიდევ უამრავი ბედნიერი წუთების განცდისთვის!


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